Software development specialists


Enovea's natural orientation is the Fixed-price contract type, it represents 70% of our activity. We have 2 formats :

  • The VNS© offer (Very Near Shore) provides a software development team managed by a project manager from Enovea. The team works in total transparency and uses tools shared with the customer. Enovea also has the possibility to host the solutions
    This robust format provides, through an experienced and well supervised team, professional functional knowledge as well as strong support for our customers.

    The VNS contract includes the following :

    • a fixed price commitment for a whole project
    • a long term dedicated team
    • the use of Agile methodology
    • a single priced intervention

    The VNS is suitable for large-scale projects such as Information System redesigning or innovative R&D projects incorporating data science. On average, our VNS are designed to deliver 1000 man days per year.

    We have a CIR approval (research tax credit) enabling customers to save up to 30 % of the cost on their R&D projects (e.g for Big Data analysis).

  • The Agile Package Offer© delivers projects under 100 or 200 days using Agile methodology. With this format, the customer can change the initial scope of the project’s features and perform testing and acceptance through an iterative process.