Software development specialists


Our 4 jobs
JAVA and .NET Developer

With at least a Bac+2 degree in IT, you are passionate about software development, searching for a .Net experience in Rouen, we offer a CDI in our shelf.

Under the responsibility of a project manager and following Agile methodologies, you will participate in functional analysis, development design, testing and acceptance, integration and implementation into production.

Technical Project Manager

With at least a Bac+2 degree in IT and ideally BAC+5 (engineering school, Miage, University, etc.), with your expertise on products and areas of SI, you come as a driver over the life cycle of the project. Planning, costing, supervision, coordination and reporting are your assets. Adept of the old technology, you will remain at the forefront of the technologies used on your project as well as the architecture and the strategic evolutions of SI. Adaptable you will also be a good mediator for project stakeholders to carry out the objectives of the Agile team and that, in accordance with established quality standards. Fluency in English is a plus.

Research and Development Engineer

With at least a Bac+2 degree in IT and ideally BAC+5 (engineering school, Miage, University, etc.), you intervene in the different phases of the project life cycle, from analysis and translation of customer needs into technical solution to the on-premises deployment and maintenance. You will respect standards and good development practices. The nature of the project and the application will ask you adaptation, rigor, independence, investment and interpersonal skills to integrate into young and dynamic Agile teams. You will naturally be a proposal force in order to enhance the overall architecture of the project. Fluency in English is a plus.

Business Analyst Consultant

With at least a Bac+2 degree in IT and ideally from engineering school, business school or university education, you intervene very close to the customer since the completion of the preliminary study and analysis of opportunity of a project, to the recipe and change management support. With a mediator role, you ensure good understanding between the project owner and project supervision. Depending on your experience, you master requirements gathering activities, writing functional specifications, testing campaign management, functional support, implementation and project management of the project. On the functional orientation, you know to combine know-how and know-be to become the perfect customer support. Fluency in English is a plus.